Have Questions?

I share similarities with both business coaches and business consultants, but I consider myself more of a business strategist because I figure out the vision and then develop plans and actions to accomplish those goals.

I do consult with you on what to do, and work with you to figure out the best approach that is customized for you and your business. 

There is also an element of coaching involved to help you figure out what to do with your business, but unlike most coaching relationships, I will be your strategic thought partner, guiding you as we do hands-on work together to get crystal clarity on your business, branding marketing, or operations strategy within a specified period of time. 

While you can find really great information and learn a lot from group programs, online courses, or free resources, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right approach for you or that it'll be easy to apply that information to your business by yourself. A key step to receiving valuable information is implementation.

The truth is, most entrepreneurs are too close to their work to figure it all out themselves (even with great resources) and most of the time, a cookie-cutter solution will not work.

My focus is on women, however, if you're not a woman and my message and approach resonates with you, let's chat. Maybe it'll still be a good fit!

I work with small owners, self-employed solopreneurs and creatives who offer products or services, i.e., Chefs, Beauticians, Cosmetic brands, clothing brands etc.

My process begins by having a exploratory call to make sure we are a good fit for each-other. After we decide to work together(yaay!) I start by sending you a series of forms with questions to cover background, goals, visions and depending on what package you chose, questions geared towards that. This information helps me prepare ahead for before our first initial meeting.

We will then meet weekly (on Zoom) for 1-hour hands-on work sessions. Depending on which package you choose, could be two hour zoom sessions and we might work together for just one or two sessions or as long as 6 months. During these sessions, we'll work together as I guide you through the difficult thought-work of figuring out all the details of your business, marketing, or operations strategy.

As we work, I take detailed notes so you can focus on simply expressing your vision and goals. In these meetings we will get through a lot of ins and out of your business. You'll walk away with clarity, and a lot accomplished. At the end of each session we'll discuss next steps which usually involves a guided homework exercise from me so you can continue to make big strides. If you get stuck, I'm always available to help. I will give you tools for  success to use in the long-run. If you hit a new roadblock or are ready to explore new avenues in your business down the road, I’m here to help.

30 Day Brand Makeover is a complete re-branding Kit. This will define your purpose, vision, mission, values and the visual expression of your brand. You will walk away with a clear, defined brand and actions steps to scale your business using a personalized social media strategy.

  • Business name revamp
  • Brand Colors/Mood Board 
  • Simple Logo
  • Niche
  • Ideal client/Target Audience
  • Niche Market
  • Tagline/Slogan
  • Website review & design tips
  • Social platform branding 
  • Social media growth strategy 
  • IG Audit
  • Marketing Strategy Outline

Pick My Brain is a quick fun call, You'll have 30 minutes to ask me all the questions that time allows. From starting your business to products/service ideas. We'll talk about next steps to take, where to find help, resources and what to focus on first. It's a very chill Q&A call about anything you want to ask me. Come ready with your questions!

Superpower Hour is a planning session. If you already have a product or a business and hit a roadblock, we can focus on that area of your business for opportunity. If you are starting a business and need some help with where to start/an action plan, or just need specific advice about entrepreneurship in general, we can go over those details.

I'll brainstorm your next steps and give a full list of strategies and ideas to start selling your products or service.

You will walk away with clarity, a plan to achieve your goal in your business. 

The right time is anytime you need clarity or want to achieve more than you've been able to so far.

I work with clients right at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey because they see the value in investing in a strong foundation at the beginning to grow their business so much faster. 

Other clients of mine have been at it for a little while but are ready for some changes. If you are ready to start a business but don’t know where to begin it If you have hit a roadblock in your current business and are not seeing consistent sales, it might be a good time get professional help (I would love to be your strategist)

If any of this relates to you, than it’s time to book a free call with me:

  • You are not clear on your niche 
  • Your branding elements need to be redefined or defined (what you do, ideal client, packages and pricing, mission/purpose etc.)
  • Your business model isn't crystal clear and you need to define, refine, or redefine what your business looks like.
  • You're launching something new for your business
  • You could use someone to bounce ideas with, help you think through tough things, brainstorm with, or develop strategies and action plans.
  • You don’t love your current clients or projects.
  • You have areas of your business that aren't as optimized as they could be (messaging, website, operations, marketing, etc).
  • You struggle to make time to work ON your business instead of only IN your business.
  • You want a trusted guide on the right path and help uncover your opportunity areas.
  • your tired of wasting time, and energy, downloading every free resource available, using cookie solutions to grow your business and not succeeding.

You shouldn't hire me if...

  • You like wasting your time, money, and energy.
  • You want your business to be just like everyone else's, not unique goals.
  • You want someone to just do the work for you.
  • You are seeking some magical solution for overnight success.
  • You want to continue working for miserable clients and doing work you're not passionate about.
  • You are not coachable, a “know-it-all”
  • You can’t make time to talk at our scheduled time or implement strategies.