Exploratory Call

Schedule a free consultation and lets see if we are a good fit to work together. If the vibe is right, we will explore which our services is the best fit for your business needs and set an official start date.


Time to work

You will receive an agreement and invoice for selected services. Once completed, we will schedule your first strategy session and get to work on creating the brand you desire.



We will listen and pull all of your ideas, thoughts and desires out of your genius mind to figure out your vision and goals, then develop plans and actions to help you accomplish those goals abundantly, with some homework in between for you.



Confidently run your business in the correct niche, have deep understanding of your offers, brand and target audience. Have action steps to continue to scale after our partnership dissolves. As always, we are here to support you anytime you need help figuring something out.


exploratory call
$0 Free
  • Free 15 min Consultation to ensure that Next Level Niche™ is a good fit for your brand.
  • We want to learn about you and where you are in your business and what your goals/vision for your brand.
  • You will learn more about us and get answers to any questions you may have
  • We will discuss our products and services that we feel best suites your business needs and goals.
Superpower Hour
$222 $179
  • 1 Hour Zoom or Phone Strategy Session
  • Get specific answers to your questions about starting/expanding a business
  • Brand audit & improvement tips
  • Discuss ideas for new products or services
  • Ideal client/Target audience review
  • Leave with a clear growth plan and action steps to implement in your business
  • Email support after our session in case you hit a roadblock again
Clarity Call
$99 $77
  • 30 Minute spiritual guidance about your business
  • Receive detailed clarity on your career path and goals!
  • Ask any questions you have about business, and finances
  • Discuss ideas for new products or services
  • Get insight on your current niche
  • Leave with clarity on your next steps


  • 0 days
  • 0 hrs
  • 0 min
  • 0 sec

Work with us month to month or long term for ongoing guidance with building your brand. We can help you website concierge, product development and anything else that supports the growth of your brand and mindset. If you are looking for instant guidance, book one of our VIP phone sessions, get the strategy and plan you need today.


Let us create your unique strategies that will clearly identify your essential brand elements; purpose, vision, mission, values and design. Our brand strategy will articulate your messaging and design your visual expression. Let our niche marketing strategy help you stand out in any niche and build brand awareness, attracting your ideal clients to your brand, ultimately increasing sales.


Not ready to get direct support? Check out our products and free resource library. We have some great articles that will give you some keys to marketing your brand and tools to help with developing your brand identity. Our educational articles have great business tips and downloadable freebies.


Love what you do and have fun

We Work With you

Our services are flexible and customized to meet you where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. We can help if all you have is a business idea, or an active business but are not clear on your target audience or brand elements. Our services are also suportive for seasoned solopreneurs who are looking to expand or rebrand their business. Let us be your strategic thought partner and help you get your brand to the next level.



next level


leads business



Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Strategist? Are you the same as a Consultant or Coach?

We share similarities with consultants, but are more of a strategist because we figure out the vision and then develop plans and actions to accomplish those goals. There are elements of coaching involved to support you but as your intuitive strategist, Asia will be your strategic thought partner.

Do you only work with female spiritual business owners?

My focus is on helping spiritual women, however if you are not a woman and our process and message resonates with you, lets chat!

What type of businesses do you work with?

We work with women owned small businesses/self-employed entrepreneurs and creatives who offer products or services both online and offline. i.e., Chefs, Beauticians, Beauty brands, Clothing brands etc.

What will I get from you that I wont get from a course or group program?

While you can find really great information and learn a lot from group programs, online courses, or free resources, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right approach for you or that it'll be easy to apply that information to your business by yourself. The truth is, most entrepreneurs are too close to their work to figure it all out themselves (even with great resources) and most of the time, a cookie-cutter solution will not work.

What is a Holistic Wealth Coach?

A holistic wealth coach is a financial advisor who takes a holistic approach to helping their clients achieve their financial goals. They do this by considering all aspects of their client's life, including their financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Holistic wealth coaches believe that true wealth is more than just having a lot of money. It is also about having a sense of purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in life. They help their clients create a financial plan that supports their overall goals and values.

Who should book the Clarity Call service?
Anyone who feels stuck and needs to gain some clarity about their business or business idea. You'll have 30 minutes to ask us all the questions you need answers to. Questions can range from starting your business to products/service development ideas. We can discuss the next steps to take, where to find help, resources and what to focus on first. It's a very chill Q&A call about anything you want to ask Asia. Come ready with your questions!
What does the "Superpower Hour" Include?
Superpower Hour is a planning session. If you already have a product or a business and hit a roadblock, we can focus on that area of your business for growth opportunities. If you are starting a business and need some help with where to start/an action plan, or just need specific advice about entrepreneurship in general, we can go over those details. I'll brainstorm your next steps and give a full list of strategies and ideas to start selling your products or service. You will walk away with clarity, and a plan to achieve your goal in your business
When is the right time to hire you?
The right time is anytime you need clarity or want to achieve more than you've been able to so far. I work with clients right at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey because they see the value in investing in a strong foundation at the beginning to grow their business so much faster. Other clients of mine have been at it for a little while but are ready for some changes. If you are ready to start a business but don’t know where to begin it If you have hit a roadblock in your current business and are not seeing consistent sales, it might be a good time get professional help (I would love to be your strategist)
What is an Intuitive Business Reading?
If you are looking for spiritual guidance about your business or have questions about career/ business choices, this is reading you need. During this phone call Asia will use her divine abilities to answer your questions and provide in-depth guidance at a high frequency. You will leave with the clarity you seek about business, and finances. All messages are angelic and only come from love and light.