Teen Self Discovery Journal | Workbook| Affirmation Cards

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Your teenage years are a time of self-discovery. As you explore who you are, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and anxious about the changes that come with growing up.

This workbook has been designed to guide teens through a process of self-discovery and to help them gain an understanding of ttheir own mental health. It is designed to provide them with the tools they need to better understand themselves and build confidence in who they are.

In this workbook, we will explore topics including:

  • Setting boundaries
  • Understanding your emotions
  • Building positive relationships
  • Identifying stressors and developing coping strategies
  • Knowing your worth
  • Exploring strengths and weaknesses
  • Exploring career and success goals

By the end of this workbook, you should have a better understanding of yourself and be able to identify areas of growth.

You will have learned skills to manage stress and build confidence.

You will also have a clear plan for your future and the ability to set achievable goals and work towards them.